About Us

Cornerstone HVAC LLC is a trusted service provider for the heating and air conditioning needs for Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties of Southeast Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

We service all makes and models of residential heating and air conditioning equipment. We can install equipment from many manufacturers but there are two brands that we promote most. American Standard is rated by Consumer report as the most reliable on the market among those tested by them. Over the years and thousands of maintenance tune ups, I have been impressed with how well American Standard equipment has held up so reliably over time.

A second brand that we recommend to customers who are trying to be more frugal is Goodman. Internet reviews of Goodman equipment are not too good at times, but I maintain that it is not the fault of the equipment, but the installers. Excellent equipment installed poorly will not last and the equipment gets the blame, and not the installers. Goodman has made some very nice improvements to their designs over the years and I have come to put my trust in their equipment.  I would not recommend it if I did not trust it. Making a profit without making happy satisfied customers is of no value to us. So we are proud to offer American Standard and Goodman equipment.

American Standard and Goodman Brands

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